Book Review: A to Z Crafts for Kids

The Book:

A to Z Crafts for Kids

The Author:

Kinshoo Agrawal is a management graduate who chose to become a stay-at-home mother. She is an avid blogger, content creator who writes for multiple parenting websites. Her love for DIYs and crafts resurfaced with motherhood and she started involving her son in Early Learning Activities. One can easily find her simple crafts and learning activities for kids here:

About the Book:

A to Z Crafts for Kids is the first eBook of the author Kinshoo Agrawal. This book is a compilation of many DIYs and many creative crafts that can be easily done with young kids of age 2+ years. Apart from the crafts, one can get information about different techniques of arts. This book starts with an answer to an important question “Why should we do crafts with kids?” Then give crafts which are beautifully categorized under twenty-six categories, Alphabet wise. For each craft, material required is listed and the steps how it should be done, is given. For few crafts, YouTube video links are mentioned too. All the photos used by author are her personal photographs with her son, doing the craft on their own.

My Review:

Being a post-graduate degree holder in Education and as a mother of two young kids I read this book twice. Being a mother, I downloaded this book on my son’s tab to make it accessible for my kids to do all the crafts on their own since, the materials which are required for all the activities can be easily found at home. I am thankful to the author for this book to give my kids something concrete, to do in this time of pandemic, when they are sitting at home idly. The author has mentioned many similar crafts too, which a child can do using his/her own creativity. Being an educational professional, I find the information given before each craft to be very useful for kids. All the steps are explained properly. For some crafts the pictures, the YouTube links, and the free printable sheets given are very useful, since at a very young age kids need this kind of audio visual instructions to follow. The crafts given are not much time consuming so the attention span of kids needed is very well taken care of. If your children are young and you want to keep them busy, this book will really help. The language used is simple. All the crafts are stand alones so any one of them can be picked randomly according to the child’s interest. The formats in which the crafts are given are easy to understand by parents. Even though kids can easily do all the activities themselves, but parents need to assist them in doing so.

The categories under which crafts are placed are interesting. It even helps your children to understand different festivals, celebrations, and seasons. Crafts with bubble wrap, Pointillism, foam, popsicles, and frozen dinosaurs are worth to try.


Easy language, point to point given instructions, and simple crafts are the points which make this book strong. All the crafts given are age appropriate. The personally made crafts pictures with each craft are giving an approachable look to it. Printable sheets and YouTube links are a plus for the reader.


The crafts in the book are for very young age kids. At this age, step to step demonstration, using picture for each step is needed. Since the kids can’t read at such a young age so assistance of parents is mandatory. Although, foam craft is my favourite but the material used i.e., foam itself should not be introduced at such a young age of 2+ years. It might grow a fascination towards a thing which is hazardous for the child. Few crafts are overlapping in different category. But categorizing the activities is totally the author’s choice. There are few typos in the text too, which could be edited.


On the whole, it is an amazing book by the author which is useful for a parent of young kids in every manner, even a DIY enthusiast could find something of his/her interest in this book. I congratulate the author on her first eBook, not to forget here that within ten days of the release of the book the number of downloads of this book is about to touch 500, which is amazing. I wish her very best for her future projects too.

This book is a part of the #blogchatterEBookcarnival

This book is available on kindle. You can find it here

55 thoughts on “Book Review: A to Z Crafts for Kids

  1. I have this book downloaded and yet to read it, after reading your review, I am excited to check out the activities more now


  2. I had also read and reviewed Kinshoo’s book and I agree that she has shared some amazing crafts with this book. I had also feel the same that there is need of step by step photos. glad that you had mentioned same. great and honest review.


  3. I’ve read few of Kinshoo’s posts and know that she’s very talented. Being a toddler mom this book is going to be helpful for me in helping my daughter in some creative DIY stuff. Good review!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, this book is so helpful for mothers more than kids as they need to keep their children busy constantly. When attention span is so less of children, different types of DIY craft ideas are surely going to help.

    Liked by 1 person

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